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Elk is a member of the deer family. They are bigger than deer but smaller than moose and reside in North America, Europe and Asia. Elk meat is very lean and finer-grained than beef. It is described as having a mild, sometimes sweet beef flavor, and is a great source of protein.

Elk meat is high in B-vitamin complex, which comes from the plants in an elk's diet. Domestic elk is free from steroids, hormones or growth antibiotics that can be found in domestic beef or pork. By eliminating the preservatives in the meat, elk provides an all-natural source of protein. Elk is higher than beef in omega-3 fatty acids and contains a full range of essential amino acids


Buffalo (technically Bison)

bison - Pearson Ranch Elk and Bison Jerky

Nearly extinct in the late 19th century, bison have come a long way. In 1893, there were only about 300 left; leap forward to 2007,and there were approximately 200,000 in the United States being raised for meat.

Bison meat is a deep red color due to the lack of fat marbling, and the taste is slightly sweeter and richer than beef. Bison meat fits the dietary guidelines of the American Heart Association. Many nationally recognized weight-loss programs list bison meat as one of their recommended diet foods. Bison spend their lives on grass, and are not subjected to questionable drugs, chemicals or hormones.

Nutritionally you are getting more protein and nutrients with less calories and fat. Bison is a dense meat that will satisfy you more while eating less.


PER 100 Gram (3.5 oz.) - Serving Cooked Meat







k cal






1.9 30.19 146 73 3.63


2.42 28.44 143 82 3.42

Beef (Choice)

18.54 27.21 283 87 2.72

Beef (Select)

8.09 29.89 201 86 2.99


9.21 27.51 201 84 1.0

Chicken (Skinless)

7.41 28.93 190 89 1.21

Sockeye Salmon

6.69 25.43 169 84 .50

Elk, cooked, roasted USDA NDB No. 17167
Bison, separable lean only, cooked, roasted. USDA NDB No. 17157
Beef, composite of trimmed retail cuts, separable lean only trimmed to 0" fat, choice, cooked USDA NDB No. 13362
Beef, composite of trimmed retail cuts, separable lean only trimmed to 0" fat, select, cooked USDA NDB No. 13366
Pork, fresh, composite of trimmed retail cuts (leg, loin and shoulder), separable only, cooked USDA NDB No. 10093
Chicken, broilers or fryers, meat only, roasted USDA NDB No. 05013
Salmon, sockeye, cooked, dry heat USDA NDB No. 15086



USDA Nutrient Database


Founded in 1959, Pearson Ranch is a family owned company raising buffalo (also known as bison), elk, and cattle. Our delicious, exotic meat snack products are made in the USA from grass fed, farm raised, USDA inspected, all natural meats and spices. Elk, buffalo, venison and wild boar are excellent choices for individuals looking for a lean, yet satisfying, grab-n-go snack.

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